Ayumi Tanaka
Pianist // Composer

Ayumi Tanaka Trio

Ayumi tanaka trio


Ayumi Tanaka - piano

Christian Meaas Svendsen - bass

Per Oddvar Johansen - drums


Ayumi Tanaka Trio revolves around the spontaneous interaction between three strong musical personalities, and which explores new ways of expression within the well-established piano trio format. The music is composed by Ayumi and consists of small ideas and sketches which the band explores and develops. The band alternates effortlessly between individual and interactive cadences, vast soundscapes and intense interplay. The result is a synergetic effect with three unique voices unfolding freely.


"One of the most fascinating and freshest piano-trio albums I have heard since I started to write about nordic music. What a delight!"

– Ingo J. Biermann